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Use your comic books to promote your name and message! We can imprint your own information and even your artwork on almost any educational and promotional product. After you place your order, use our Contact Us form to request a Custom Imprint. We will email you guidelines and instructions for forwarding your imprint information, logo, or artwork.

To prepare your imprint information, select the title of your product below. Review the guidelines for your booklet. Make sure your imprint will fit in the specified area shown. We can accept your imprint information as text or artwork on paper or in most popular file formats (text, Word, TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF). Before we imprint your booklets, we email you a proof showing how your imprint will actually look on the booklet. Once we receive your approval, we imprint the booklets and ship them to you.

Imprints are black ink. Custom imprinted books require an additional 7 to 10 days to ship.

Find a product's imprinting guide below. "Preview" shows the guidelines in the window to the left. "Large View" opens a new window with an image that you can print or save and use to help prepare your imprint.

Large view

When you have prepared your imprint information, use our Contact Us form to let us know. We will email you easy instructions for submitting your imprint.

Need help preparing your imprint? We can prepare the imprint from your information, usually at no additional charge. Request help with your imprint on our Contact Us form.

Since readers save and share comic books, your custom imprint helps spread your message!